Beating the Goat at Midnight

The big deal for me at Christmas this year was the receipt of my first stereo, personal field recorder.  I got a Zoom H2, which has its list of unhappy customers, but is also one of the more popular devices to own for the money.  This is the big time for yours truly because it means I’ll be able to record my drum circles and the occasional Gypsy band jam session (in which I am a contributing percussionist).  I am so looking forward to this!

My personal collection of drums

I have also recently attended a drum building workshop (mental note: blog about the workshop), and built my very first drum.  I should say, finished my very first drum shell – that is where the workshop begins.  It has been several weeks since the workshop, but I have only just been able to dedicate proper time and attention this evening to the tuning of said drum. Since I was trying somewhat to be good to my neighbors, I kept the energy attenuated.

To kick off my eager anticipation of the H2 and Thunderhead, I’ve recorded my first moments using both.  It’s completely raw and unedited.  There are also some distinctions in the three recordings that are really only meaningful to me.  Suffice it to say, I’m still working with the tuning of my drum and the use of a new electronic gadget.

Soft Saidi:[media id=2 height=20px]
Saidi, Short:[media id=1 height=20px]
Masmoudi:[media id=3 height=20px]

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