Threadless Submission (Critique)

No Bones About It

I am planning to start posting more submissions to Threadless for consideration in their shirt designs.  Their methods have matured so much since my earlier submission and purchases!  They now have the ability to allow artists to submit designs for critque prior to final publishing.  It’s a great way for someone like myself to get the hang of their rules, as well as understand what people like to see in their illustrations.  I’ve just gotten my July submission up tonight, so I encourage you all to go and cast your vote to help me with my progress.


  1. How does one submit designs? Do you draw them on paper? Photograph your work? Draw the designs on an art program on the computer? How? I really like that one. But then, I really liked the broccoli one, too.

  2. Most would draw them on the computer using either a raster program like Photoshop or vector like Illustrator. Some do draw them out on paper first and scan them in to be converted into a raster or vector image. If you want me to help you with that, I can scan and convert them for you.

  3. I too was a fan of the broccoli and thought that some were unnecessarily harsh in their critiques. I’m glad you will be doing more and I look forward to purchasing my Olaf Gradin creation. Will you sign it too?

  4. Okay – I made it work on a black shirt with glowing bones. Threadless has a method for that, so it could work out nicely if I were to get printed.

  5. I’m up to version 3 on my Threadless critique. Thank you to all that have helped me out on that. I hope not go past v3 and instead to get this submitted for entry, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see some replies from the community. The latest includes both a front and back to the design. I like the idea of glowing bones, so that’s still my intention.

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