“Best Photographer”

Amy (aka “Fox”) Gradin was voted “Best Photographer” this year at Dragon*Con. This is a most excellent reward for her hard work. We’re seeing more photography at the show now – more than in years past. She had some fear that her stuff was loosing its niche, but I think this award should give her peace. The Chewbacca series has been a very successful one, with purchases (nearly all of them) both inside Dragon*Con and out. I should take this moment to give special thanks to Jeff McClure for the use if his costume. Thanks you, also, for being convenient and up on the whole business of entertainment. Without you, there would not have been the same inspiration for this work. Werrk guur mooh…Gahgahgahgahgah (from the mouth of Chewie)!


  1. Congrats to Amy! That is a HUGE deal and she should be proud. I really hate that I didn’t make it to Dragon*Con this year. I would have loved to see you as Chewie. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s AWESOME!!! Pass along my congrats to her! And I know she’s sold tons of pictures with me in them. Where’s my kickback?????? 🙂

  3. We tried Chewie at the daycare, but the establishment is a bit too traditional for that sort of thing. And Presbyterian, I think.

    For all those that have modeled in pictures for us…you will be rewarded, in heaven.

  4. I modeled once but she didn’t use it because she said it didn’t turn out good.anyways, I payed$30 for an hour and a half at DC in high hopes to see ya’ll. Turns out you all weren’t there in fri. night. oh well. Tell Fox that I’m proud of her that’s really cool. Love ya’ll.

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