9 Years Down, 51 to Go

Really old people celebrating a really long time together get diamonds, if I’m not mistaken. There’s some contest between the traditional and modern gift order, but I’m guessing they’re both on par there. The 60th year anniversary gift is a diamond. I noticed that the traditional goes by a more economic scale. After 15 years, it just jumps five years at a time. The modern list carries on year-by-year until 50, at which time it begins the cycle of 5 years. I’m of the mind that if you make it to 50, you should probably count every year as something very, very special. The traditional list goes on to 100 years, as a matter of fact. If I somehow manage to live that long, I should be receiving a gift and a party every month! You never know when you’re going to be done with this life.

Yesterday, September 14th, my wife and I celebrated nine years of marriage together. We have a 2.5 year-old son in our life now. I know we were busy before he was around, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what we were busy with. As much time as we spend adoring and caring for him, we often think we just sat around and stared at white walls before. Balthazar attended our lovely dinner at Long Horns (yes, only the best for us), where we were able to abade certain misery with a last minute stop for a new toy truck and a pacifier. That did very well, along with dinner, at keeping the peace for dinner. Today, we begin our trek towards the tenth anniversary, which by traditional standards deserves the gift of tin or aluminum. If we were the modern sort, she might be getting a diamond – fortunately we’re a bit anachronistic by nature. The gift this year is “china,” though we’re not particularly “china” people either. As such, I used some creative wit to piece together something related. I love you, Amy. Carry on to diamonds and beyond.

**UPDATE: Thanks, Atiq, for pointing out the broken link on my site and giving me an even more relevant choice to use here! Just so’s you know, we’re sitting on 18 years of marriage this year and we now have 3 children. Two children ago, I kept this site fresh with content! C’est la vie…

From Year 1 to 100 – Traditional & Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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  1. If you’re offering, I’m going for it, man.

    There’s surely no better husband, or father, in the world then you, my love.

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