It Always Makes Sense to Me

Others can attest to this, but when I become drunk with sleep, I talk gibberish. I’m sure many people do this, but my gibberish is unique in that it always makes total sense to me just as I formulate the idea and up until the moment the words form in my mouth. It’s, unfortunately, at that time that I realize that what I’m saying is completely ridiculous and will probably be met with laughter. Sometimes, I can catch myself just as I’m about to say the words and stop. That gives me a rather pregnant pause in my response, but it also sufficiently jars me into wakefulness too. On the other hand, if I leak a word or two out, I have to commit to it and finish the thought in its entirety. I wouldn’t want to sound as though I’m sleepy, so it’s just better to belt it out and work the comment into some sort of clever joke that no one else gets. Only the remark is often something like; “Yeah, but the neighbors will have to stop coming into our yard to pick up trash,” to the question, “Will you take out the dog when we get home?” I’m hard-pressed to make that some sort of funny punch-line to the question at hand. I was once dimly aware that I was reading cereal ingredients to a friend of mine in high school when he asked me if I was hungry. It was 3:00am or so, so I’m sure that it went without saying that I was hungry and should be very clear as to the specific quantities and items that I would care to ingest.

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