RACE: Enter Personal Politics

We went to Athens’ Athica art gallery to see the RACE show. It’s a bit of an anti-whitey display, but I’m not going to say that the white man hasn’t done some malicious racial activities in the past and present. I’m sure that it will continue into the future, possibly as a result of displays such as this one. Much of the art was strongly objectionable displays of things we don’t typically care to bring up. For instance, upon entering the gallery, you are faced with a model of a Klu Klux Klan member complete with realistic eyes and feet. It’s a bit unsettling to say the least. If I’m not mistaken, and I may be, the show was primarily latino artists doing political pieces. That’s interesting, because I thought that latinos and negros had racial issues between them. I guess caucasians have had issues with everybody, so you can always throw in a goad there. Nobody in our party had any racist views, but we’re all aware of the stereotypes. If you weren’t, you may not have gotten the show. Actually, we originally planned to attend because there was a piece called “Celebración” that caused some unnecessary uproar at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center. The “censored art” bit was a total fabrication of the truth. The truth, as it were, is far more mundane and boring, and so, not so good for political art. As it is, the piece is more politically stimulating and interesting to the vast majority because of the “much ado about nothing” fiasco. Funny how things work that way. Interesting thing…we arrived at the gallery and the curator (used loosely) was fast asleep at his post behind the desk. We crept around and took some pictures while the opportunity was there. We had Balthazar too, so there was no lack of squelched noises and bustling about. He didn’t wake up. After our leaving the gallery and returning again with a noisy child, I began to worry about the guy. His phone also went off and he slept through four or five obnoxious rings. At this point, I’m thinking he’s dead or unconscious. His legs are locked with his feet at heart level propped up on the table in front of him. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from locked legs, but I guess it’s possible. As it turns out, he was just a heavy sleeper. He awoke as I was about to go and check his pulse.

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  1. You know who has a damned good Latino Art collection? Well, I’ll tell you-Cheech Marin. Juxtapoz magazine had an article on it several months ago. This comment has little to do with your post of course -just some trivia.

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