Winter Storm 2005

[subtle sarcasm ahead] We’ve made it through the Winter Storm 2005 event, as the news likes to call it. The torrential downpour of ice and slush coated everything with a half inch of glassy ice. Quite pretty, though worthless to drive on. My vehicle is front-wheel drive, so it’s rendered useless in the great Georgian… Continue reading Winter Storm 2005

Chicken Launcher

The party last night at Dan’s was fun. He had a good measure of food, which is always good for me. I spent much of the time grazing, though I was able to communicate rudimentarily between bites. Most of the people there were from Dan’s group of employees, though Ed, I, and Ron were not.… Continue reading Chicken Launcher

Work @ 7:00am

It turns out I like being at work earlier than everyone else. For one, it’s quiet – somber even. For another, it’s still dark outside. I much prefer getting started in the morning in the dark. It’s easier on the eyes, It’s not chilly this morning as I had hoped, but not too warm either.… Continue reading Work @ 7:00am