X + Y = Bar Brawl

I’ve spent that last two nights (Friday and Saturday night) playing Fable and Halo2 into the wee hours of the morning. I play on XBOX’s Live service, so there’s a collection of friends I can call upon to game with. It’s addictive sport, if not for the game itself, then the peculiar human interaction within… Continue reading X + Y = Bar Brawl

Mucous /myoo’ kuss/

When I get a cold or severe allergy attacks, there is a sudden twinge inside one nostril that sets me off. I think it’s normally my right nostril, which effects my right eye and causes it to redden and weep. During the twinge, I’m super-susceptible to allergens and smells. The least little provocation and I’m… Continue reading Mucous /myoo’ kuss/

Praying Mantis

I find mantids throughout the garden this time of year. I found a particularly large one recently (see photo). They’re fascinating – I think they’re the only insect that can move their head independently from their body. I’m compelled to watch them closely, yet I succumb to spasmodic, violent thrashing if one should attack accidentally… Continue reading Praying Mantis