Breakfast with Rodeo

We’re at Chik-Fil-A this morning for some Black Friday breakfast when I see a familiar face/figure in our midst. I tell Amy to go check it out for a confirmation…she hits the women’s restroom, checks twice, and then strikes up a general conversation with Rodeo from VH1’s “Rock of Love.” It’s fitting if you know anything about the show at all. Quality programming it’s not, but entertaining it is. Rodeo was the first season’s loser that shouldn’t have been. She was clearly the right choice for Brett Michaels from the beginning, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

She’s filled out a little and it makes her look younger. Pretty funny to see her in a chicken spot in Buford, GA. She gave my wife the advice to see the second season, so we’re on the hook for that. I imagine she’ll give a shout-out to us, so keep watching.


  1. Who? Some of us live under a rock, in a cave and only get information about the real world from your blog. Please be a bit more explicit.
    Inquiring mind

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