2010: An Alice Oddessey

Clear your calendars for 2010. Tim Burton is making an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland beginning in May 2008. It’s currently scheduled for release in 2010, so it may actually be too early to put together solid plans.

I haven’t heard much, but I know it’s supposed to be animated 3D – not quite like Beowulf. Synthespian is the term I believe they’re using. The main character(s) will be realistically animated while the others are much more cartoonish. The idea being that this will give the realistic characters more believability because of the contrast between styles. It sounds stylistic to me. I’m all for creative ventures in the style department, I just hope it doesn’t mean less time is spent on the actual story and acting.

Tim Burton will be working with Disney to create the piece. I would have otherwise been worried about the duo, but Disney’s films are taking a more “edgy” quality to them as of late. The recent Pirate’s of the Caribbean trilogy makes me think that Disney’s production studio might be able to handle the macabre nature of Burton’s imagination. Though, I’d really be intrigued if Paramount and Mandalay were involved such as their contribution to Sleepy Hollow.

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