DragonCon 2007

It occurred to me half-way through this week that I hadn’t really said anything about DragonCon on my blog. Well, it’s that time again! The wife, and our surrogate siblings have been extremely busy – staying up into the wee-hours – to get things ready for the event. Whether it was finishing up other work or directly working on costumes, none of us have logged many hours of sleep this week. And that is good preparation for Labor Day weekend, as it’s unlikely we’ll get a lot of extra sleep in Atlanta at the biggest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/{insert genre here} conference in the world! If you aren’t going, you should at least swing into Altanta (Peachtree St. at the Big Three hotels – Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt) for the parade. Last year saw 1400 costumes and this years promises more. Once again, I’ll be on the drummer’s float with my wife dancing on the street. It should be a good time…

See last year’s pictures (and this year’s as they come), here.

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