Chinese Government to Manage Reincarnation

In a humorous – yet evil – plan, the Chinese government is establishing some regulations around the logistics of reincarnation. According to reports, the Chinese government seeks to ensure that the current Dalai Lama is unable to reincarnate without its explicit permission, legally. The law is directed towards Tibetan reincarnation. That enables the government to then choose the next Dalai Lama and therefore have greater political control through this persuasive entity. It’s a nefarious plot to be sure, but one that will most likely back-fire. The present opinion is that there will be two Dalai Lama’s – the true, reincarnated one, and a government-appointed version. Guess which one will have the broadest Buddhist support? At the very least, it does nothing for Tibetan relations with China.

China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation – Newsweek Beliefs –

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