intacard Looks Like Bad Business

If you’re looking around for an replacement, you’ve probably happened across At first glance, it looks like a good thing. Reading into some of the reviews will give you more hope that MP3fiesta is what we were looking for after the fall of AoM. However, upon a true introduction to the services I found that this service is yet another example of a great front end to the vast collection of MP3’s we will never hear. The payment handler currently is a company called “intacard.” I found very little on the Internet about this company. I mean very little. There were no advertisements to speak of, and no reviews out there. The most suspicious part of the affair is the lack of working links on intacard’s site. The Terms of Service and Legal links are both bad. I believe that the pages are actually written to fail rather than actually disclose anything about the alleged company. All of this falls into line when you look at what happens when you attempt to add money to an account – you are redirected through a POST form to to be met with a generic error. I took a look at the POST data from the form and found that the email address I used to create the account was sent to intacard. I call SHENANIGANS!


  1. I found you( while I was trying to find out anything about INTACARD. I was rediredted to them during a typical internet purchase. I had a problem with a double payment.They quickly responded and credited the amount in question $196.00. But the credit didn’t actually go back to my credit card. During the purchase process they opend an account with them and my credit has been sitting there since 5/9/2007. In otherword, they opened an account without my authority! When ever you call them , the rep says athey are all alone and no supervisor is available. Your right: BAD BUSINESS indeed! I’m still working on getting my money back!

  2. MP3Fiesta used to work fine, but they had problems with their original credit card processor (“SWREG”, there is plenty of info about them online – they are a US based credit card processing company). I imagine that the switch to intacard was short lived, and now they are trying to get a different merchant account elsewhere.

    They are a great site. But if you don’t want to wait for them to work again, there are over a dozen alternatives: check out – there are reviews of several similar sites and comparisons.

  3. hmmm i think the russian government is slowy suffocating the cheap mp3 downloading sites by takeing away there payment options. I see no hope for mp3fiesda in a time like this where basically all cheap mp3 downloading site are faceing criminal charges. And even if the credit card option does come back I fell skeptical about giving me credit card information to an unstable company.

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