1. Hey! Do you own a gun or a machete or something? Because my zombie survival apocalypse skillz are mad except for the weaponry. (I scored 43%) I need to invest in a sword.

  2. I own many a blunt weapon and even more sharp, cutting implements. I think the negative scores are attributed to my desire to save friends and family. I feel pretty confident that I could do this, and that I would know when to cut my losses and run. The quiz didn’t specify, but are we talking 28 Days Later zombies, or Night of the Living Dead? Because it makes a difference in my confidence. It might also consider Shawn of the Dead undead, in which case I would *bother* to keep score in my slaughter.

  3. Oh – and it never asked whether or not I would pursue getting a gun to protect myself, which I would. Zombie Apocalypse means Dick’s Sporting Goods looting.

  4. Hmmm. I know who we’re tracking down in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Make sure there is room in your car for us too.

  5. I only scored a 46% chance of survival because I don’t won a gun, can’t shoot a gun, and would try to save friends and loved ones. However, they don’t know the extent of my zombie counter spell herbal knowledge, nor do they know of my massive population of dogs (which zombies would definately avoid). And no one asked me how well I can play my fiddle. That might constitute the best weapon yet!

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