24 hours of flickr

Flickr is putting on a big show to honor its millions of users that make up the most popular web 2.0 photo tool available. Basically, they want users to submit photos from their day on May 5th – 24 hours worth of photos from its users. I forsee a mad house of photos swarming in around that. It will be hard to stand out with so many great photographers pushing their work on May 5th, but there’s a minute chance of being seen by an impressive audience. More than that, there’s the simple fact that Flickr is honoring its users and giving them a little something to work for. This is what the social phenomenon is about. I’m so glad to see that the Yahoo purchase hasn’t wrecked Flickr as we know it and we them continue to innovate and push for a greater service.

Here’s to Flickr.com.

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