Disney World!

Balthazar’s first trip (at 4-years-old) to Disney World is coming up. We told him about it last night and it has been non-stop question and harassment about it. We were careful not to tell him until just days before we left. We wanted him to have one day at school to brag to his friends, which he did. But now we’re living with the pain of his excitement. I fear what we’ve created.

Assuming I have Internet access from Orlando – surely the Internet has made it to Disneyville – then I shall be posting over the next few days about our excursion. Wish us luck!

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  1. When our small child was Balthazar’s age, we took her to Disney World and she loved it. The Mad Hatter spinning tea cups ride is great. Kids love dizziness. I spent most of my college years dizzy.

    She was thrilled and delighted to arrive at Disney World. I am such a twisted bastard that I told her that we were going to magical place called Christo World where everything would be draped in peach colored fabric. I had recently spent about a weeks worth of afternoons watching 5 Films about Christo and Jeanne-Claude, much to the child’s dismay. She prefers Nickelodeon cartoons over daddy’s Netflix treasures.

    I think that the boy might not be as thrilled to meet Mickey as most kids his age. After all, most kids don’t see daddy getting dressed up as Chewbacca -which is probably a good thing.

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