First Solo

I was totally dissappointed to learn that I missed Balthazar’s first ever live solo gig. It was a total surprise to Amy too. Today, Balthazar took part in his day care’s Christmas pageant thingy. He had learned a song on Monday that he apparently showed great enthusiasm for. So this morning, they handed the mic to him and let him belt out the song for all to hear. He totally worked the crowd like a super star and then, having turned the mic back over to the teacher, gave Amy a big wink. I tell you what…that kid is cool! We’re going to be checking with the other parents to see if anyone got it on video.


  1. I MUST have a video of that! I’ve never seen B sing. Or wink. That is too cute. I knew the drum set and giant keyboard would lead to something big. Since the entire Gradin clan is loaded with hams, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. He did tell me to put the fiddle away when he visited me last time. I figured it was a good sign that he can tell what’s good and what sounds like crap. My grandson, the STAR!!!

  2. There has GOT to be a parent with a camera that recorded such a monumental event! Must… see….the… wink. I’m SO proud of your little rock star!

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