Christmas is a Time for Family, the Black Mafia Family

My Jewish friend at work, Mr. Smith, brought to my attention a Creative Loafing series about the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Just in time for the holidays I learned about a brotherhood so rich in…well…ice, scrilla, green, snow, and other hip-hop terms I’m learning. The whole nasty crew started up as small-time drug dealers and evolved into demi gods in hip-hop and an international partnership to move cocaine. What’s particularly stupid is that they maintained the same immature sense of being thugs and tough-guys while completely ignoring a little thing called the “man.” They named their record label BMF, which is never really a good move when you’re trying to keep a low profile. They also frequented local clubs to spend tens of thousands a night. Often times, these little gatherings ended in somebody getting the crap beaten out of them or shot dead. I’m not exactly sure why it took so long to close the deal on this gang, but they’re done now. Or at least the heavy-hitters are in jail or dead. It kind of looked like the “families” would eventually kill eachother off anyway, so it was only a matter of time before they were eliminated one way or the other. There’s a lesson in this for the kids out there interested in gansta’ life portrayed through modern hip-hop. I’d tell you, but that wouldn’t be very creative. Besides, you owe it to yourself to read the lengthy bit on Creative Loafing regarding this subject.


  1. Black Mafia Family! No wonder those hip-hop fellows were so puzzled when I asked about the configuration of their Bayesian Mail Filter.

    I told you I was nerdcore…

  2. I hate haters or people that think there on top of shit. Whoever wrote about the bmf family, should know don’t believe everything you hear if you wasn’t there when it happen or didn’t see it then don’t believe it. My little son knows that and he’s only 4 yrs. old. I mean you can’t knock them because that was there way of making money, they just did’t really know what to do with it. I’m pretty sure we all have done some wrongs in our lives and was lucky cause we got caught. Now i’ma tell you like this i have seen them in action at the clubs and you know what there all the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. There very respectful, and you are welcomed to whatever they have . Those guys seen money fast, and just got caught up before they could change it to good money. Now i’m going to say this, i don’t know if your white or black which i don’t have any problems with any race but that’s the way the white man come up. Also to that’s who putting it on the streets. I mean you think these guys have pictures with the mayor, i mean who really gets that close. Things like that makes you wonder. So for example, don’t never say a book isn’t good until you open it and read it.
    Then it’s still not over. BMF lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Both of u are right and wrong…It’s for us to get together as of “people” wether you’re corporate or “non-coporate” because the system or “man” don’t give a crap about us. You are still a “nigga” in their eye sight wether your money is tax-free or not. If u are apart of the system u are just a pond in the “man’s big scheme of world domination. Every race has their code of conduct…it’s time for our people to get right or get left behind…thus “THE WORLD IS OUR’S…Oh, yeah just someone spends money in the club crazy doesn’t mean your reckless or ignorant to what to do with it..Cuz we can do it like that…that ain’t all the money anyway..this shit is infinte over here…Get about your business and you will see the need indulge in life!!!!

  4. the world is still b4f, alot of people are glad 13, and 20 are on vacation.mainly like the likes of my bitch sean “whatever yo name is” combs. jimmy henchmen and jacques” haitian jack”agnant. its still about ridahz and punks.oh yeah we aint forgot about september 11th either,u fuck niggas will eventually pay 4 that in due time but i guess that y u snitched on 13. i dont know where the fuck yall came from screaming the bmf shit. yall aint above the law nigga, but maybe you feel like you is because you work with them motherfuckers. why didnt you bring that war shit to me. cause you know the real black mafia is like the taliban you cowards. yo T.I.P you seen the shit coming so you had 2 handle your buisness like a man. i dig that. jeezy get ya mind right cuzz! if your family dont fuck with you no more my boy. where you gonna hide. to the feds, state, and county officers. frank lucas is still alive in some young cats. the military was bringing that shit to georgia via st.marys and brunswick georgia since 1992. why didnt yall stop the one cat that was bringing it here, but he was putting money and alot of folks pocket. if yall dont give me my brothers and let em free. its about to get real ugly out here for everybody.keep it omerta!and lets make money

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