Dan Zanes Concert

Saturday was our big day for the Dan Zanes concert followed by yummy food at the Varsity in Atlanta. Hard to top that! Balthazar didn’t get quite as much out of the concert as we had hoped; he was tired and hungry. But he did get to hear his favorite song, Catch that Train!, before losing all interest in the set. The concert was crazy. I’ve never been to a family concert like this, so it was really strange to see all these kids congregated in a mosh pit at the front of the theater. There were other kids running amuck through the isle ways and parents acting up just as much as their children. Dan Zanes and 4 of his musical crew were really great. I have huge respect for the drummer. He rocks on a tiny little drum set and has such great animation while he plays. I’m jealous of his apparent knack of left/right brain activity. I think if we better prepare ourselves for the event next time he comes through, Balthazar will have a really great time at the concert. Hell, I might be able to get him into the mosh pit for some 4-year-old bashing.

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