VMware Ends Global Warming

Diane Green, president and co-founder of VMware, told 7,000 attendees at VMworld 2006 in L.A., California that VMware is doing its part to end global warming. All jokes aside, Green backed her words up by having Roland Risser from GP&E give a talk about exactly what that means to a leading energy provider on the Pacific coast. The deal is that with over 1 million server workloads virtualized to date for VMware, they estimate an energy savings total enough that it could power New England for 1 year. GP&E was so excited by this that they began offering incentives to customers for powering down their servers for power conservation. For each server powered down, a customer could be awarded up to $1,300 to a maximum total award collection of $4 million. Those are some pretty striking numbers considering the number of customers that GP&E services. However, as Risser states, it’s cheaper to give customers money to save energy than it is to invest in new energy technologies.

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