Dan Zanes

Dan Zanes is my new favorite artist. His musical philosophy parallels my own and a CD can move through a bevy of instruments, styles, and nationalities. I have one of his later CD’s, “Catch that Train!” I’m actually not exactly sure if I truly own the CD because I purchased it (digitally) from AllofMP3.com and as Russian copyright legalities go, it remains to be seen whether or not I spent my $2.50 on anything at all. Having listened to this album over and over in my car, I can now say I would gladly buy the CD. In fact, I plan on attending the Zanes concert at Georgia Tech in December. Not only is the Zanes band musically excellent, it’s actually seemingly very caring about the audience it caters to. On DanZanes.com you’ll find lyrics and chord progressions for most, if not all, of his albums. I really enjoy Zanes’ encouragement to get together with friends and family to play music – your own or someone else’s. Much of his works are inspired, if not completely derived from popular folk pieces from the past. I don’t believe I had ever heard any Del Fuego in the late eighties, but it was one of Zanes’ successful earlier bands. I’ll have to make an effort to catch the last CD in print available by the group. Regardless of whether or not you have children, you’ll probably find enjoyment in Dan Zanes’ family-oriented discography. He’s a bit of a cross between Tom Petty and Norman Blake. Several of his scores are entirely spanish, or at least spenglish. On “Catch That Train,” there’s one piece from a Zulu traditional tune, “Pigogo.” His “friends & family” include such people as Sheryl Crowe, Bob Weir, and Suzanne Vega. Among the help they’ve provided him in his career, some albums incorporate their collaboration as well.


  1. The Del Fuegos rocked. They recorded a few albums for Slash Records and had quite a following in the college towns. We didn’t have “alternative radio” back then just college radio stations – and I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…

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