Dragon*Con 2006: Day 3

Sunday was our big day at DragonCon. It is usually a pretty eventful day for the conference itself, and we were looking forward to the Masquerade later, followed by drumming. Speaking of drumming, it’s 4:00am and we’ve just arrived home from the Hyatt where we beat the night away.

We had a real good time yesterday at the conference. I can’t say that we did anything particularly amazing, we just enjoyed ourselves. We were able to look through all of the vendors’ rooms exhaustively. Purchases were made, wish-lists updated. Lots more pictures of people in costume. We listened to Mickey Rooney in a panel he had. We had no idea why he was there, so we thought it important to find out. Turns out we still don’t know why. However, he’s an old guy and you just can’t miss a chance to see a legend like this. We had dinner at our traditional spot, Max Lauger’s in Atlanta. It’s not that it’s particularly awesome, though it is good, it’s just that they always have room for us. After dinner it was off to the Masquerade – the thing we look forward to most in DragonCon. Unfortunately, the Masquerade was not as great as it usually is. On the plus side, it did give other costume designers a chance to get some real attention and take the prizes. The master’s competition, which is what everybody is really rooting for, was just dismal this year. It may have been, in part, because the head of one group that usually attends was actually judging this year. The poor showing also gave us some ideas of our own to join the competition next year. I won’t speak of it yet, but it’s simple enough that I believe we can pull it off by next year.

Following the Masquerade, old man Jeff finally called it quits and hit the sack early. Amy and I entered the drumming circle and played our hearts out until her back was killing her and my fingers nearly bled. There was, of course, a really good showing of dancers and probably close to 60 drummers at one point or another. Amy drummed most of the time too, only dancing for a few minutes to try and relieve the back pain towards the end. She found Joshua in the crowd – mostly naked as usual – and showed him up with her mad skillz.

Now it’s time to crash hard. Tomorrow we’re to go and pick up the boy. We’ll head back out to DragonCon for the closing and to square-up with the Art Show. From a peek we did today, she’s already done pretty well in sales. I think we may only carry back half of what we brought.

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