The Family Portrait

If you’ll focus you’re attention to the bottom of the page, you can see what humors me at nearly 2:00am. It has been a while now since I’ve played with my tablet (an electronic writing pen device for those who don’t know) and I don’t know why. I’m working up some new theme ideas in my head, but I won’t likely do many incremental changes before the cut-over. However, the portraits of the family turned out good enough on the first run that I wanted to post them to the theme.

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  1. These drawings are really great! You have captured the ‘essence’ of each of you, however, you do look a little “super hero” in yours.


  2. Cute. You look like Superman and Balthazar looks like The Joker. The only one of you that looks even remotely normal is Amy. Thank goodness you didn’t include me in the family portrait. I shudder to think….

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