Newness at MARTA

We’ve ridden MARTA a couple times over the last couple weekends and noticed quite a bit of awesome new technology. They’ve traded the old turnstile gates in for Star Trek fanciness. The best improvement made was to the ticketing system. The new system allows you to buy your passes (the Breeze Pass) with cash or card and the resulting trip token is imprinted into a disposable card complete with access badge-like technology. I say you can buy a Breeze Pass with anything, but what I actually mean is you can’t. That’s downside to the new system. It doesn’t actually work as pictured just yet. None of them are accepting plastic yet and it’s a major inconvenience. You can buy tokens from a cashier, which can be traded in at the machine (by way of an explicit menu option – not exactly intuitive) for single Breeze Passes. Oh, and you have to buy 20 tokens at a time if you’re going that way. The moral to the story is that, until you know for sure that the ticket thing works right, bring cash.

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