Sitting with Eric Peterson

Matt Z. and I sat with Eric Peterson Monday for some education on the doumbek. It was enlightening, as most any training would be for us these days. At one point, Matt insisted that Eric play a riff on our drums to ensure that his, seriously more professional, drum was not magical in some way. It turns out that it’s not the drum’s fault, but our own. For me, the lesson’s most important component was that of the drills. I enjoy learning technique, though I do feel that I am at least on the right track today with my current technique. I will say, however, that I learned some very important techniques in handling finger roles. Mine are impressive to the layman at high speeds, but I am unable to use them effectively at slower speeds. Using a different method altogether looks as though it will allow me to accomplish this goal. Eric gave us far more attention than he had to, so we’re extremely grateful for this. I also learned that Arabic drummers are often not forth-coming in entertaining “jam sessions” in the drum circle sense. In fact, many Arabic drummers won’t entertain drum circles at all. If you’re reading this, are in my extended area of Atlanta, and play Arabic music – CONTACT ME!

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