Bring Out Your Dead

It’s day 3 of my sudden illness and I’m feeling only slightly better. Not quite ready to go out and have a walk. The first two days were filled with the waxing and waning of my core temperature. Now on the 3rd, I’m only slightly able to regulate this to my liking. Last night, I sweated through two different shirts to leave me in frigid wetness. Aside from the fevers, however, this ilness has been mild. I’ve had no nausea, severe congestion, or bowel inconsistencies. I had hoped that I would have ample opportunity to work on my wife’s website and get some World of Warcraft game time in. Alas, I didn’t have the focus necessary for either of those tasks. I put in an hour or two in WoW and spent the rest of my time trying to comprehend the PHP coding necessary to fulfill my features for the website. I also lost my ability to remember anything. Yesterday afternoon, I attempted to leash my dog with my car key. Actually stuck the key in her collar like it was my ignition. Kind of weird. Don’t tell anyone about that. This morning I drove almost the entire way to work only realize that I had left the baby’s car seat in my backseat. This is ridiculous, because it was only minutes earlier that I had thought to remember it was back there and should be removed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the end of this strange sickness and I can continue on in my semi-cogniscent state of remembering things.

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