Back to the Future: COBOL

Some psychos out there have implemented COBOL.NET, that is, COBOL for Microsoft.NET. Fujitsu is, at least in part, to blame for their Windows implementation of a compiler and interpreter. On one hand, it speaks volumes of the capabilities of the CLR, but on the other hand it just goes to show you that the Internet is a place for all manner of disgusting people to find an end to solitude. If you’re unfamiliar with COBOL, good for you. It was developed in the late 50’s.

One of the design goals for COBOL was to make it possible for non-programmers such as supervisors, managers and users, to read and understand COBOL code….As it happens, this design goal was not realized.

COBOL has evolved through many ANSI specifications…

COBOL is a simple language…with a limited scope of function. It encourages a simple straightforward programming style.


…and even seen an OO-COBOL implementation as of late. If you know anything about COBOL, you will have upended yourself by now in uproarious laughter. Now get back to your Cheetos.

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