An Obsessive’s Guide to Coffee

A co-worker brought in a copy of Food & Wine magazine for my perusal this morning. It includes an article on coffee, the result of which is from “410 man-hours [of] tasting 157 coffees and testing 67 coffeemakers (not to mention 10 grinders) to find the best of the best.” This is something I can very much respect and appreciate. Among the highlights are the top U.S. coffee bars (which leads me to wonder what the top bars are in the world), one of which is in my sister-in-law’s town of Philidelphia; the La Colombe Torrefaction. I am eager to reach this one because it is the most obvious and likely destination I will reach. I also noticed a “Coffee Pilgrimage” provided by The American Barista & Coffee School along with the Norwegian Cruise Line. There are several others that get you out onto a farm to follow the bean throughout its exhaustive process to your cup. I imagine these trips would be very exciting to a coffee lover, alas, I’m guessing my wife and child would abhor the trip with every ounce of their body’s. When I win the lottery, I suppose I’ll be going on a Coffee Pilgrimage and equipping my kitchen with such elaborate tools as the Olympia Cremina. Until then, I’ll have to settle with a wordly assortment of beans, Krups grinder, and my sports car red brewer.

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