Google Speaks H4x0r

It turns out that one of Google’s many language options is “H4x0r.” Now the l33t have somewhere to conduct there searches besides Among some other humorous ones were Elmer Fudd, the Swedish Chef, Klingon, and Pig Latin. From a purely geeky perspective, I dug the Latin language option too. Being somewhat of a linguist… Continue reading Google Speaks H4x0r

The Sneeze – Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

“It was time for the white. Wine tasters refer to a wine’s aroma as its ‘nose.’ This wine’s nose was a rectum.” Amy turned me onto this evening. This site it so perfectly a match for my humor. I quickly browsed the site’s ‘toys’ with my wife with great delight. I’ve now read a… Continue reading The Sneeze – Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

A Formal Apology

Sorry for all the potty humor as of late. It’s been readily available in my daily drudgery. I’ll try and filter the low-brow stuff to only the clever items. Media: Cure for a Political Hangover

Another good read on Orkut’s new Media section. This one by Mark Ganek on political satire. I’m not the type, but I found this to be profound and entertaining. Ganek beats about the head and shoulders societal tendencies to muck-rake on differences of political party. Though, as seen in his humorous article, it’s hard not… Continue reading Media: Cure for a Political Hangover


Yet another humorous vid at Balthazar’s expense. This time, he’s just trying to get to the dog food bowl in the bathroom – where I’ve hid it. The door has been mostly barred shut, but there might be room enough…  more… This clip requires RealPlayer 10