Orkut.com Media: Cure for a Political Hangover

Another good read on Orkut’s new Media section. This one by Mark Ganek on political satire. I’m not the type, but I found this to be profound and entertaining. Ganek beats about the head and shoulders societal tendencies to muck-rake on differences of political party. Though, as seen in his humorous article, it’s hard not to bash a little.

“The House and the Senate swung right, and the evangelicals rose up in record numbers and went 11-for-11 in banning gay marriage. Continuing the trend, seven states declared that all hetero sex is required by law to be missionary only, and women must reach orgasm within forty-five seconds in said position or not at all. In three states, the word ‘sex’ must be replaced in all contexts by ‘the necessary unpleasantness.’ Violations are subject to fine, jail-time, and ‘being prayed at.'”

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