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You should read this article. It’s a well written piece by a truly gifted writer in California, Jen La Sala. To add to my list of multi-faceted, half-assed abilities, I’d like to be able to write as well as she.

“Smoke drifts over from the table of women dressed in black and hot pink, bangs sashayed to the side. Not being a smoker, but knowing that I am inhaling their spent fumes, I think Cancer. I dwell on that for a few minutes. I bring my laptop and a book, but I don’t really like coffee all that much, and frankly I get bored easily. So in a half hour, after checking my e-mail, reading a chapter, checking my e-mail again, and checking my phone for messages, I’m bored. I don’t enjoy San Francisco’s brand of wet-cold either, so it’s more than likely I’m not just bored, but cold and getting Cancer too.”

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