– Man in Americas earlier than thought

Once believed to have occured approximately 13,000 years ago, new estimates were made to push man’s (homo sapiens) arrival into North America to around 25,000 years ago. This changed yet again when John Topper discovered what appears to be man-made implements several meters below the current Topper site. The radiocarbon date testing pushes these items back to around 50,000 years ago. Scientists are in awe of this evidence because of the global timeline of man’s expansion and migration. Because of this proof, though yet unvalidated, man would have had to arrive by sea to the New World, or cross the land bridge between Russia and Alaska much earlier. Having analyzed the facts, I can logically deduce that alien assitance was obviously a key element of homo sapiens migrations. That, or maybe Topper’s tools (he should probably register that domain name or something) were not made by homo sapiens at all. Though previously unsupported, maybe another form of protohuman coexhisted with Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon.

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