Irony, Cynicism, Honesty, and Ordination

Amanda recently asked me to guest blog on her site to help her with her explanation for asking me to officiate her up-and-coming wedding. It was, perhaps, shocking to her friends and family, so I hope that I’ve put to rest any of their concern or dismay at this decision. Or completely confirmed their fears in such a catastrophic and unsettling way that they no longer care who does what, as long as it doesn’t actually result in the Rapture.

Instead of posting it all here again, I’ll let you follow over to her site to read my reply to the request:

…there is a certain respect given to clergy for their services to humanity; spiritual guidance and philosophical wisdom. I want to serve society; I want to earn this respect. It’s something I’m willing to work for to do my part in leaving this world a better place than I entered. So there’s one part cynicism, one part honesty; and in the end, an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

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