My Company Just Reinvented Itself

For those of you who don’t know, and that’s probably most of you, my employer just made it a lot eassier for me to explain where I work.

My company reinvented itself, and has established a new brand-awareness campaign to get that ball rolling.

Welcome to the New Fiserv

New market approach. New brand identity.
Fiserv is leading the transformation of financial services technology so we can help our clients change the way financial services are delivered. We’re delivering more innovation and more integration – all to help our clients grow their business and increase profitability. To learn more about the Fiserv innovations powering our clients’ success, visit

*UPDATE* A funny note came in from Twitter (@mhumphrey) on this. Fiserv used the term “electronifying” in the promo (“Source Capture Solutions”). It’s the verb form of electron, apparently, and refers more specifically to the act of making something an online process (i.e. electronic as in email). It turns out the term was used as early as 2004 by Bank of America to describe the process of making payments online. It was also used by a number of other companies (like Visa) to describe very similar processes. So while “electronification” may not be a real word, the banking industry has adopted it as their own – better get used to it!

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