Sorscha Valkyrie

The latest member of our family made her gooey entrance around noon today. She cleans up well, however. Balthazar is so happy to be a big brother, and Sorscha’s mother and I are, of course, completely in love with the new girl. She’s such a beautiful, healthy girl; I couldn’t ask for anything more. Mommy is doing very well after her surgery too. She’ll be getting up tomorrow to begin her walking recovery and we should be heading home in a few days.

Sorscha Valkyrie Gradin weighed in at 6lbs. 11oz. and measured 20.5″ in length. She’s capable of thawing icebergs with a look, but has used her powers for good to warm the heart of every soul she meets.


  1. Amy and Olaf – Congratulations! Balthazar – what a wonderful big brother you are going to be! Sorscha, Welcome to the world little one, everyone is so happy to finally meet you!

    “A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” – Anonymous

  2. Ah… she’s so… baby sized and cute!

    Congrats, Momma and Daddy Gradin!

    To quote my favorite new baby song by Carolyn Arends: We’ve been waitin’ for you, we’re so glad you came. We’ve been lookin’ forward to showin’ you the place. There’s so much more in store and we’ve been waitin’ for you.”

  3. Congratulations, I’m so glad it all turned out alright. I’m very moved.

    When you have some time over (yeah, right), post something about Sorscha’s name.

    I couldn’t find any heavy metal lyrics about babies, so here’re some from Lauryn Hill:

    Unsure of what the balance held
    I touched my belly overwhelmed
    by what I had been chosen to perform…

  4. Thanks you all for your kind words. The pictures finished uploading through the night and are available if you click on Sorscha’s picture in this post. Incidentally, I also uploaded my first-ever video to Flickr.

  5. “I peer into wool: a creature/ Somewhat strangely more than red. Dipped in fire.”
    – James Dickey

    I would like to say congrats to all and welcome Olaf to the club of dads with daughters!

  6. She is gorgeous! And what a wonderful, strong name you have gifted her with–I know she will fully live up to it. I am so happy for you all–congratulations!!!

  7. Dear friends,
    We are all very happy to have a new member in our community. She is lovely.
    May you all continue to be blessed.
    Danae, Logan, Alena and Darien

  8. Well done my dear friends I wish you every happiness to Mum Dad and Baby Girl.I am about to become a grandad and Bronwen my wife a grandmom so we feel your excitement God bless From Scotland Love Alistair

  9. Isn’t it amazing how much you love one child and yet when another one comes into your life, you find you love her just as much. It gives us a tiny taste of how wide and deep and high is God’s love for us. Each birth is such a miracle–she is truly “fearfully and wondrously made” and I just cannot wait to meet her in person. The picture of Amy’s face after Sorscha’s birth is just about the most beautiful I have ever seen–such peace, serenity, and love! Give everyone a great big smack-y kiss from Bibba!
    I love you all much more than I love the dogs–even more than I love Pickle!

  10. What a great looking little girl! Great job guys, congratulations! Not that you’ll have any time soon, but it looks like you’ll need to add to your drawing below! 🙂

  11. You can say she looks like Balthazar all you want, but this one looks much more like Amy (aka Fox)–I can see it in her photo expressions already. Congrats to all! XO, Aunt Allison

  12. How beautiful she is, and Balthazar looks so happy to be a big brother! I wish I looked as lovely as Amy after the boys were born. Best wishes to you and yours.

  13. Hello Gradin Family! Phil and I are sending you all a hugh heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! We just recieved the email (or I just opened it from Kathrine) and picture and all we can say is “WOW!” You guys make beautiful babies. She is going to be such a blessing and also be very blessed. I hope we get to see the whole family soon. Love and Blessings. MMMMMWah!

  14. Gradin Family,

    Congratulations to you all, you have a beautiful baby girl. Balthazar take good care of your sister,beacause you will be the BIG BROTHER in the family.

    Love Always,
    Mrs. Tasha (First Presbyterian CDC)

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