The Family Portrait

Spooky FrameFor Christmas this year, I commissioned Len Peralta of to do our family portraits. He did a wonderful job – a wonderfully gruesome job! I built a frame to finish it out and presented it to Amy Christmas morning. It was a fun present, certainly an unexpected one.

I detailed the frame over at Lumberjocks. Head over there if you’re interested in learning about the construction details.


  1. Len did the drawings and had them delivered to my mailbox in a work-week or less. He was also a good communicator throughout the process. I had talked with him about the project prior to placing the order to make sure he understood what I wanted. Since I ordered all of them at the same time, he also refunded me some of the shipping money that was automatically added to each order. Keep an eye on his website because his themes change from time to time. When I ordered these, it was “Black & White.”

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