Fido: The Movie

FidoI spent the evening with Jeff and Amanda and friends watching a zombie flick. We saw “Fido,” a selection brought to us by Ted. The movie isn’t your classic zombie flick, but it’s a classic of another sort. Carrie-Anne Moss played the mild-mannered house wife, typical of our 1950’s. The whole movie was a bit of Pleasantville meets Shaun of the Dead. It was also chock full of allegories and anachronisms. Spazzmanda explained best as what the world might have been if, when we were supposed to begin the Information Age after the 50’s, the world was suddenly side-tracked with a zombie invasion. The invasion becomes a full-fledged war effort, with surviving heroes and legends. Because the zombie invasion never really stops, it is instead harnessed for the good of humanity. Zombies are captured and “tamed” for use as mindless helpers around the house. Life is good inside the protective areas between “The Wild.” Cities have erected fortifications to protect against the continued threat of another zombie invasion. They also use The Wild as a prison, but one of definite consequence!

It’s a totally different kind of zombie thriller, so regardless of whether you’re a zombie fan or not, it’s a good show to see. If you *are* a zombie fan, on the other hand, this will be a deviation from your preferred norm.

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