An International Soiree

A Group EffortWe recently attended the Gypsy Mediterranean Arabic Balkan Dilos Musicians of Atlanta event. It was a complete blast! I’ve not had the opportunity to play with such a diversity of talented musicians before. I wasn’t even sure what kind of music to expect given the group’s name, but I caught on quickly enough. For those of you not in the know, this type of music could be considered the Mediterranean region’s “bluegrass.” It’s the roots music that came from each of the diverse cultures surrounding the old world’s superhighway, the Mediterranean Sea. To the point of the group’s focus, or lack there of, it’s the convergence of those musical styles handed down through generations of cross-cultural stirring – especially through the nomadic gypsy types. We’re anticipating doing it again this month and I really look forward to it. I played drums, of course, and it was a great opportunity to better familiarize myself with the process of composing percussion to unknown music. We’re close to having some MP3’s put together from our last get-together; when they’re available, I’ll post it here too.

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  1. Can I go, too and bring my fiddle? Please? I’ll work on some gypsy type waltzes. Please?
    Fiddler on the Fiddle

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