Status Upgrade: “Celebrity”

Half a Million and Counting...An associate from work recently pointed out to me that the likelihood of the names, “Fox, Olaf, and Balthazar” from Gainesville being someone other than my family is a losing bet. A bit like solving the geometric theorem that three points make the line, I presume.

It turns out that a picture of my wife was randomly discovered on Digg over the weekend holding a dollar bill on which those terms were written in permanent marker. In addition to the fact that there is now irrefutable evidence showing her guilt to federal property vandalism, the incident now brings her image to celebrity status. Digg is bigg, and showing up on it in any form is worthy of commemoration in my mind.

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  1. In mine, too, Fox. You and Bette Midler (one of my very favorite actresses). So, why should anyone be surprised?
    One Celeb to Another

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