Silver Stars: A Sensual Boutique

Silver Stars: A Sensual BoutiqueIt was about a year ago that I wrote about Gainesville’s decision to close its doors to the occult. If you’re on the business end of the occult, maybe now is a good opportunity to try out your entrepreneurial venture again! Gainesville is now the happy home of one Silver Stars: A Sensual Boutique. This year’s Chamber of Commerce approval board must be a younger, more accepting group, though I haven’t heard of any reversals yet on fortune tellers.

Silver Stars is described as a classier place, targeting primarily women and couples:

Forget venturing into the sleazy adult video store in the seedy part of town. We strive to provide women and couples with a safe, clean, upscale and positive environment that presents all of our products in a fun and intuitive way.

Not for nothing, the store is located just over the city line to avoid some harsher political scrutiny, as well as maintaining a minimum amount of pornographic material. I believe it’s the magazines that can get you shut down in Gainesville, but their videos are described as “educational” just in case. However, if I read quickly through the list of items bulleted on their site, I get the false impression that I might be able to do a lot of my Christmas shopping there too:

  • Bath Products
  • Handmade Soaps and Lotions
  • Educational Books & DVD’s
  • Party Supplies
  • T-Shirts
  • And Lots More…

*There’s a lot to be said for “and lots more…”


  1. I have a cunning plan. We combine the fortune telling business WITH the “adult novelty” enterprise. If we could look into the near future and tell guys whether or not they were going to get laid we could make serious coin indeed! Just think of the money and time that could be saved on awkward dates. High school boys would treat us as gods who walk on earth. We could advise women whether to stock up on lubricants, buy extra batteries or leave town suddenly to visit a sick aunt. No more would they have to close their eyes, open their legs and think of England! The possibilities are endless…

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