Easter Weekend

Spring hit northeast Georgia with a bang this year. The kind of bang where everything gets very uncomfortably hot just before a good week’s worth of freezing temperatures. Saturday morning, it was 31° F. Last week, I think we saw days in the mid-80’s. But comfort aside, the cooler weather will preserve the brightly colored, ovular objects hidden amongst the dewy grasses. That is, of course, only necessary if the ovular objects are actually organic in nature rather than cheap, plastic reproductions filled with cheaper reproductions of something that might be edible save for it’s completely ridiculous hue of blue. I do love Robin Eggs though!

Balthazar really got into the Easter Bunny, egg hunting, and candy this year. 4 years in the making, we’ve managed to finally introduce the boy to holiday marketing. Odd thing about his situation; he knows all too well about costumes, so the Easter Bunny isn’t so mysterious to him. He enjoys the bunny regardless, but he knows there’s a person inside. He’s in on the secret, but so far seems to allow everyone around him to enjoy themselves blissfully ignorant.

We also did the customary family get-togethers. I had lamb. Delicious lamb. I tried to drum on Friday, but it was severely cold in the wind. I tried to drum Saturday afternoon – too cold. I drummed Sunday evening…inside. If the weather regulates itself, I’ll be on the square at a minimum of once a month to drum. Join me and we’ll make up for the lack of drumming around Easter.

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