Scandalous Brassieres Mock Downtown Gainesville

Bella Lingerie has posted their new display cabinet facing Main Street at Main Street Market on downtown Gainesville, Georgia. The display includes three comfortable-looking bras hung without any sort of model or filling to present them. An upstanding member of the Gainesville community has filed some formality of a complaint with Main Street Market owner, Debra, as well as Bella Lingerie proprietor, Krista. There is concern that the brassiere display will disuade patrons from entering the establishment for fear of corruption or perhaps sexual disambiguation for our youth. Mary; Upper Deck owner at Main Street Market, says, “Are you kidding me? I’m going to get so much more business with that display out there…it’ll double my business!” The Upper Deck serves Gainesville’s teenage crowd in all things skating. Bella Lingerie is sensitive to the concerns regarding Gainesville’s ignorance and will seek to ensure better measures to protect virginal minds to the disgusting sites of women’s underwear. By “protect virginal minds” I mean better educate them with a vigorous and flaunting display of sexual acts and genitalia. But the offensive brassieres will be removed so as to save our children. No, not really. In a move of feminine wickèdness, Krista will make no move to please the anti-boob community.

Oh, and some of you might remember my wife – yet another member of the vulgar vixens. She boldly displayed the word “VAGINA” for the world to see outside of her studio. Wickèd I tell you, wickèd.

**UPDATE** Krista received a personal visit by the same (I assume it’s the same, anyway) lady that first complained about her establishment. The woman was fuming and ready to start a personal battle with Bella Lingerie. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on Krista to be as strong-willed as she is. Krista listened very well to her complaint…and then unleashed a fury of professional debate like no other. She cited examples of “support for breast cancer victims” and the general need of lingerie in general. Krista is very well prepared for such an attack and she gave her side exceptionally well. So well,in fact, that the woman left in a bit of a huff with nothing more to add or complain about. We hope that she something more to think about rather than the relative “goodness” of women’s lingerie in public sight.

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