The End is Nigh; Scientists Plan to Build New Universe

NPR tells me that scientists are developing a theory around the potential development of synthetic universes. If that sounds vague, it’s because the explanation is based on a mathematical non-zero probability. That’s a tough concept to sell to the general public, myself included. However, I’m learning more about the ideas and am onboard with the non-zero probability expectation.

Despite your theories on The Creation, let’s assume for this story that the Big Bang is it. That in mind, let’s further assume that the Universe (our own) was created from a particle smaller than an atom – 10e-26cm in diameter – and weighing in around 10lbs. That particle then experiences an energy transformation event within itself that causes an infinite repulsion. With that continuously expanding energy, you get your own private universe. The concept on a smaller scale involves using far less mass to pack into a more probably larger point. Either way, you get a Black Hole of varying power which has the potential of starting a universe.

The purpose for an experiment like this is to be able to understand that energy potential that drives the repulsion event – the bang, as it were. It also gives physicists a way to examine a universe during the early moments after a Bang event. This may not seem significant to the layman, but it’s what the CERN supercollider was built for. Accelerating particles to near-lightspeed to study the effects of their collisions. Obviously a whole lot of somebody is interested specifically in this event.

A philisophical discussion that occurs around this time goes something like this:

So you create your first universe in the basement. Everything goes well and you amaze your friends. Within this tiny universe, life comes to be in let’s say…seven days. Over the next few days, civilizations are built up, torn down, and built back up again. Technology reaches a new height and the sentient races begin exploring their extra-planetary space. It’s been two weeks for the creator and you’re done with the project. You pull the plug on your tiny universe and *POOF*, it’s the end of days for zillions of sentient beings.

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