A Night at the Boiler Room

We’ve never been the type of crowd that hangs out at the Boiler Room on a Saturday night. Tonight didn’t change that, even though we did spend this Saturday in the depths of hip-hop dancing, drinking, and masquerade festivities. Probably as good a taste as we could get in their atmosphere. It’s what I’d think is an atypical environment; a mixture of 50-something modern (conservatives?) down to the 18-year-old youngsters. As you might expect, there’s a tendency for things to get crazier towards the wee hours – such that by midnight men’s shirts were off and women just weren’t wearing much in the first place. It was masquerade night at the Boiler Room, which lended itself towards more lewd and fanciful costumes anyway. Jeff and Amanda came as Willy Wonka and Memoirs of a Geisha, respectively. They might have had a chance of winning the grand prize (two tickets to Las Vegas), but there were scantily clad young ladies that took the cake. It’s not exactly right since they weren’t technically in any kind of real costume, but what are you going to do. The masses voted.

Amy and I were actually working tonight. She was hired to come in and shoot pictures of folks and I burned them to CD for the patrons. Honest enough work. The funniest thing that almost happened were a couple of sapphic young women dressed as…well…whores – they were both teetering on 6″ stilleto heels and one was inebriated to the point of her failure to ambulate. I so wanted to see a prat fall, but alas it never came. Too many people were all too happy to help her along. Conversely, a young-ish man was so annihilated by drugs or alcohol that he was at the point of lunacy. He approached Wonka and the Geisha girl where he just stood and stared akwardly. After a while of subtle gesticulation, he lunged out with a tiger roar. Yeah – we got his picture.

Crazy Drunk

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