There’s a Rock in My Nose

Sunday afternoon, Balthazar looked at me and said, “there’s a rock in my nose,” while gently prodding inside his nostril with his finger. I had a look and concluded that he had a rather solid booger lodged in there – possibly combined with blood to give it a dark color. I told him not to mess with it and we’d get it out later. We were, afterall, in the middle of the Dalohnega Gold Rush festival. I told Amy his problem and she took a look herself. She’s the type of mother that will happily insert her finger nail into whatever orifice her child requires for proper grooming and cleanliness. Behold, she popped out of his nose a small, dark pebble. That boy stuck a rock up his nose and told us about it.


  1. Well, what exactly do you expect? I seem to recall a certain boy snorting spagetti up his nose and pulling it out of his throat or some such nonsense. And that boy was a LOT older than Balthazar. Just wait….
    Love, Mom

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