Lilly Capehart – Lizard Whisperer

Lilly and family have put together quite the entrpreneurial activity. Lilly “hypnotizes” Green anoles by stroking their underside a few times in her hand. The lizard is pretty much inactive for 10 minutes or so while she dresses them in doll clothing, poses them in miniature scenes, or simply sticks them together like primates from A Barrel of Monkeys. The results, as captured by her father Lucien, are fantastic. You’d think they were Photoshop’d (yes, that’s a verb), but now you know better! Lilly was recently on David Letterman, so I’m sure she’s going to be busy hereon out.

Lizard Ville


  1. heh…just caught this episode of Letterman and was absolutely delighted with the lizards and her unique ability. I would love to be able to do the same thing with squirrels…

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