Kibbles Wrap-Up

The experiement has failed to a certain degree. As of Monday morning, we are now both officially off the diet. We fell wuite a bit short of our goal of eight weeks, but it was for good reasons. Isi’s system let him have it after just three days of dog food. He has GERD, so to some degree there’s an obvious factor to it. He started vomiting on the third day and wasn’t able to hold down the amount of food needed to keep himself healthy anymore. I, on th eother hand, was not having any noticeable problems until at least Day 4. On Day 4 I acquired the discomfort of heavy gas after (I mean immediately) every meal. Nothing else suffered until Day 5. At that point my mouth was feeling largely raw after chewing so much coarse, dry dog food. Rather like the feeling of having burned your mouth with scalding liquid or having eaten a large amount of hard toast. Again, uncomfortable, but bearable. Day 5 was also a Saturday, which was my first weekend. The weekend offered a particularly difficult challenge culturally. As Amy didn’t want to see me eat dog food, nor did she want Balthazar to see me eating it, I had few options left to fill myself at the appropriate times during the day. On Day 6, I was down to just 2 cups (from 5) for the entire day and knew I couldn’t keep doing that every weekend. The internal gas was uncomfortable, mouth was sore, and I would have to be a loner at home. Tough odds. It was also after a rather unpleasant experience in the bathroom involving things like pine cones, sharp rocks, or possibly a complete toy train with working steam engine that I decided I should stop while I’m…er…still going as it were.

In the end, I learned quite a few things about the viability of a product if it were to be created in this aftermath. I still firmly believe in the concept, but there are certainly some considerations to be put into the product (maybe some future testing scenarios 😉 ).

Also, Isi lost 12 lbs. (presumably water-weight) while I only lost ½ lb., if that. I don’t actually have any water-weight to lose, and it was never my intention to. I retook my blood and urine tests at the end, so I will post any noticeable comparisons between the two.

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  1. Bummer, I had envisioned greeting you with “Wat up dog?” every time we meet for the next seven weeks. That salutation would never get old, right?

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