Revisiting D&D

Saturday ended at 3:30am Sunday morning. I played D&D for the first time since the 80’s with a group of friends. They’re old pro’s, but I have some catching up to do. We played all day and night, so that’s a good way to get a refresher course. We didn’t actually have time for any combat, so it was primarily just role-playing. The game was fantastic! It’s vastly different from the games played in my early days. As one would imagine, the stories are more mature and the depth is amazing. The Game Master (GM/DM) really has to keep his head straight the whole time. Quite a task, especially considering the detailed storyline these guys have followed for over a year now.

Since getting ready to play this a couple of weeks ago, I’ve noticed my vocabulary mutating in my head. I say my head because it hasn’t ebbed out onto my tongue and spilled onto the ears’ of others *yet*. I keep thinking about situations I’m in in terms of DC checks. Criticals, modifiers, and situational effects keep gnawing at my consciousness. That will either fade with time or leak into reality where I will become the biggest dork ever!

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