Aural Carnage

I read somewhere that men with earrings make better husbands; they’re experienced in buying jewelry and they can put up with some pain. I don’t know about all that, but I did get 2 more piercings last night in some unnamed portion of my ear. It has been a long time since my lobe piercings, so I had forgotten what it felt like. I think the lobe piercing was worse, probably because of the gun they used. For cartiledge, they stick an extremely sharp hollow-pithed needle – gauged appropriately – through you. They catch the needle on the other side using a steel barrel similar to a bullet shell. The needle, when done professionally, slips through pretty much anything with little effort. The pain is only slight, and more of a deep bruising rather than the sparking pain from gun piercings. The part that gets you is the sound of a sharp needle being pressed with force against a hollow steel cylinder. A crunching-grating sound, not unlike what I imagine it sounds like to crush cartiledge with pliers. It has nothing to do with your ear, but it is audibly amplified through your head. Still, I’ll give a recommendation for Magick Dragoon Tattoos in Gainesville for their handy work. They’ve pierced both me and my wife now, and they’re very professional and clinical.


  1. Do you know those guys? I have been curious about checking out some of their tattoo art but I have not ventured inside as Small Child tends to tell all about the places she visits with dad. Mother in Law would not be pleased to hear stories from the tattoo parlour as told by a four year old. I will try to check it out alone one day.

  2. I actually went to high school with the piercer. Funny thing, that. Otherwise, I’m not familiar. I’ve not had any ink done at their location, so I don’t have any personal experience from that. However, what I *do* see come out of there is well drawn. I guess it depends on whether you’re getting a Warner Bros. cartoon character or a Michaelangelo. The whole “stretchable canvas” thing is a bit unique, so everyone gets different results.

  3. That’s awesome.I’m fond of the hollow needles also. They really cut down the pain. I’d have to say that the one peircing I had that terrified me was my “upper bridge” ( between the eyes) that was quite an experience. I took it out last year but I still have scars from trying to get it out.I had tu use pliers.Ouch.The one that felt the coolest as it was being pierced was my upper lip. I can’t describe it really but I now share some empathy with fish.You should post pix of your new metal.

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