More Drumming Than You Can Imagine

Over the last two days, I’ve drummed for 12 hours. I did an 8-hour session for charity when my wife put together a fund-raiser Saturday. I don’t know how much money we raised, but I think she did pretty well for the amount of time she had to do it in. Needless to say, that put my hands to their limit. My left hand was bruised by the end of the day. What I noticed more than anything, though, was the inexplicable feeling of drowsiness at times during the day. We played from 1:00pm to 9:00pm. I started out a little sleepy – probably from the heat. Around 6:00pm I was really sleepy again. I finally got some coffee into my system and that kept me going until 9:00pm. Of course, by then it was just a general fatigue that had us in. The dancers had all but given up and I was limited to fairly rudimentary rhythms. The next day I went to a Unitarian church picnic at Piedmont Park. If you haven’t been to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, you’re missing out. The place is awesome and it’s really hopping during the weekend. Matt Zavadil and I put together the drum circle their and maxed out our percussion instruments with people. There were probably 60-75 people at the picnic and all that could found their way into the circle at some point or another. They really go into it. Unfortunately, my hands were pretty sore from the day before, so I couldn’t put my all into it. I gave it what I had and then some. My hands are tremendously sore now. I’ve soaked them in epsom salts and held onto a cold pack for a while. The epsom salts seem to have worked the best so far. We’ll see how tomorrow fairs. Hopefully, the bruising will have submerged and I won’t notice it without pressure. Regardless of the effects, I had a lot of fun. It’s cool to get out their with new people and involve them in the group. I always hope that we’ve introduced someone to a cultural activity that really makes them think. My first time left a memorable impression in me and I continued to think about the blending sounds for years to come. Now for a [relatively] early turn-in. Good night!


  1. I got the same information except the fact the constuction company I got was Hcs-Cutler Inc. All my informtion all leads to real companys. It had my going for a little while, but deep down inside you know its to good to be true… I hope the couple that deposits it plans on changing bank accounts b/c the scam could be to get that check back after it has been processed which means they will have your account info. Just be careful.

  2. I got the same thing…and when I called the construction company they seemed pretty shocked that I had a $4,600.00 check from them in my hands. Not sure what the motive is, but it can’t be good.

  3. We had another drum circle tonight in my recovery treatment group. My hands are pretty swollen.Peidmont park is amazing.Just make sure you DON”T GET CAUGHT THERE AFTER SUNSET! A couple was found making out in the park one night I think in June of this year and the cops beat them and yelled obscene anti- gay remarks.I think they spend that night in jail.

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